Scope of ICPSA 2021

The ICPSA2021 will focus on the fundamentals, sources, diagnostics, and applications of various types of plasmas that include low-pressure low-temperature plasmas, high-pressure atmospheric plasmas, high energy density laser plasmas and hot-dense magnetized plasma. The applications of these plasmas for various cutting edge technological areas such as nanotechnology, biomedical, photovoltaic, green technology, materials, etc. will be covered. ICPSA2021 aims to provide a platform for extensive and in-depth discussions and to create new opportunities for collaborations between the leaders and experts in plasma fields. The conference is planned as a medium-scale expert meeting with open participation to early-career researchers and students.

ICPSA 2021 will cover the following areas but not limited to

Plasma science and technology

For various types of plasmas such as

and Plasma Applications

ICPSA 2021

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